Afterlife - Visions .jpg

[GCR001] Afterlife - Visions

by Afterlife

released May 31, 2016

In a future not so far away, planet Earth has been taken over by AI machine-parasites. The human race is enslaved to the electronic entities they created. Earth slowly descends into total annihilation and the world as we know it grows cold, dark, and lifeless. Our feelings, our creativity, our individuality, or what once made us human, is being eradicated and completely forgotten. But, in an abandoned nuclear reactor, hidden deep into their lair, two scientists, two brothers, are resisting. There, they are researching time travel. Through the creation of black matter portals, in their final attempt to go back and fix humanity's fate, their experiment went wrong and an inter-dimensional explosion created a black hole that swallowed them. Their minds disintegrated and expanded into infinity giving them absolute knowledge. Their bodies dematerialized into nothingness and can now re-emerge at will, anywhere and anytime. This has made them one with all of existence, with all of time and sp­ace. Infinity is now at their mercy. And now they are here to save us from a future where the machines have rid the world of humane emotions and they are using music as their weapon. Here they, two absolute beings, they have become God... they have become AFTERLIFE.

Production: Prince Club
Vocals: Gabriel Rizzotti
Mixing: Prince Club
Mastering: Sebastian Navarro
Label: Ghost Club Records
Artwork: Kristen Bromiley