GrandBuda - If It Happened To Me .jpg

[GCR010] GrandBuda - If It Happened To Me

by GrandBuda

released October 14, 2016

GrandBuda has been busy cooking-up summer and winter, cleverly dividing his time between the stage and the lab, and even in his chilly hometown of Montreal, the awaited season has finally come. GrandBuda instantly sets the record straight about what he has in mind for his upcoming project. "If It Happened To Me" isn't a just a 'fire' mixtape of singles, but a carefully crafted album meant to be enjoyed from start to finish.

Executive Producer: Max-Antoine Gendron
Co-Production: GrandBuda
Additional Productions: Victor Bongiovani (Yeah Yeah Yeah), Jaymie Silk (DoOoOM, Don’t Care), Tanguy Meunier (5AM) 
Mixing: Max-Antoine Gendron, Sebastian Navarro
Mastering: Max-Antoine Gendron, Sebastian Navarro
Vocals: GrandBuda
Additional Vocals: Naadei (Imaginary Lovers, How Bout You, Higher), 
Tom Lemann (Away Too Long), Tuggras (Million),Lazer Loyd, Max-Antoine Gendron (Wait) 
Songwriting: GrandBuda
Additional Songwriting: Max-Antoine Gendron (Away Too Long, Don’t
Care), Naadei (Imaginary Lovers, How Bout You), 
Tuggras (Million) 
Label: Ghost Club Records
Art Direction: Moto Made
Artwork & Illustrations: Jerry Prison
Graphic Design: Philippe Durocher-McBrearty, 
Camille Miron-Sauvé