Joel Garden - Omni .jpg

[GCR013] Joel Garden - Omni

by Joel Garden

released January 27, 2017

“Omni” is Ontario-native Joel Garden’s first official release. Garden has been dropping beat tapes left and right for years and this 26 track LP is reflective of all his inspirations, thus titled “Omni.” No matter your mood, the LP makes you feel melancholy with its old school hip hop beats layered with a modern twist of electronic. 

Inspired by the grittness of nature, the LP features vocalists and rappers such as Eric Séguin, THe Lyonz, and CJ Flemmings to name a few.

Production: Joel Garden
Features: Ambroise Cabry, Eric Séguin, THe Lyonz and CJ Flemings. 
Mastering: Sebastian Navarro
Artwork: Kristen Bromiley