Aaricia - Figures  800x800.jpeg

[GCR019] Aaricia - Figures

by Aaricia

released June 9, 2017

Craving for something bigger and better days, Aaricia's album "Figures" is an open road of endless possibilities. The title itself has more than one meaning; silhouettes, bodies, calculations, numbers and more. Imagination has no limit. When it comes down to power, love and games, we all have our own representations. From the first until the very last song, Aaricia guides us through a roller-coaster of emotions.

Singer/Songwriter: Aaricia
Additional Vocals: GrandBuda
Additional Musicians: Steven Edwards, Victor Bongiovanni, Tanguy Meunier
Production: Prince Club
Mixing: Prince Club
Mastering: Sebastian Navarro
Label: Ghost Club Records
Artwork: Kristen Bromiley